»Revolutionary Organizing in Sudan« – Onkel Toms Faust Podcast with Muzna Alhaj & Vincent Bababoutilabo

69 Minutes
Community & Union Organizing, Grassroots Movement Building, Transnationalist Theories
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This is a special crossover Podcast episode between Onkel Toms Faust and European Alternatives' School of Transnational Organizing. Earlier this year, our host Daniel Gutiérrez, had been a fellow at their 'Academy of Migrant Organizing' – a program dedicated to bringing together migrant organizers and activists across Germany in order to talk about shared organizational and movement building problems in the hope that we can develop a lasting space of collective co-research and co-learning.

As part of this program, fellows were asked to collectively forge the 'Migrant Organizing Toolbox' addressing shared problems they highlighted and uncovered over the course of the fellowship. In this very special episode about the Resistance Committees in Sudan, we are happy to present to you an interview with the amazing organizer Muzna Alhaj who is a member of the Resistance Committee in Khartoum. The Resistance Committees have been a core structure fighting against the military regime and thereby offering the people of Sudan a voice and participation in shaping how they want their home to be. Khartoum is one of 5200 Resistance Committees in Sudan. There is so much to learn from Muzna's organizing experience.

In the interview we talked about: the current political situation and the history of resistance in Sudan, the role of the Resistance Committees in the ongoing Sudanese revolution, capacity building, organizing, ideology, grief, support systems and solidarity. 

The Sudan that we have seen during the sit-in is the Sudan that we hoped for. All the ideas, all the dreams, all the hopes are the things that are still keeping us moving.

This episode is a cooperation between Vicent Bababoutilabo who is a member of the Initiative for Black People in Germany and a fellow of the School of Transnational Organizing and Alice Hamdi from the Bewegungsschule ("Movement School").

About the contributor

Vincent Bababoutilabo
Migrants' Rights & Anti-Racist Activist, Musician & Author

Vincent is a Berlin-based musician, author and activist working at the intersection of art and politics. In recent years, his artistic and political projects have focused in particular on migration, flight, decolonisation, exploitation and resistance, as well as the search for positive visions for a just society in which we can all be different without fear. Vincent is a member of numerous civil society initiatives such as the NSU Tribunal and the Initiative Black People in Germany (ISD-Bund e.V.). His publications include the audio walks "ZURÜCKerzählt" and "Unser Land. Punkt", the theater performance "Eigensinnige Leben" as well as the anti-racist music-pedagogical writing "Africa Bling Bling Hakuna Matata".