»Films Based on True Events as a Political Learning Resource« – A Participatory Movie Screening Manual

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Community & Union Organizing, Intersectional Alliances, Arts, Media & Internet Activism
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About the contributors

Jana Ahlers
Grassroots Education Manager, European Alternatives (Berlin/Paris)

Jana is Grassroots Education Manager at European Alternatives, working within the School of Transnational Organizing. She is dedicated to creating transformative learning spaces and building capacity to collaboratively strategize for system change. 

With a background in education, she has a passion for critical and experiential pedagogy and research interest in how social movements learn and engage in counter-hegemonic knowledge production. As a social and climate justice organizer and activist she has experience and a wide network across the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, the UK, and Germany. 

Most recently, she coordinated the programme of the People’s Summit for Climate Justice in Glasgow. Working with the COP26 Coalition, she draws on capacity organizing with a wide range of civil society groups, ranging from environment and development NGOs, to grassroots community campaigns, youth groups, indigenous groups, and migrant and racial justice networks. 

Outside of EA, Jana is a Berlin-based grassroots organizer and activist, steadily pushing towards new imaginaries and strategic wins by the people.

Georg Blokus
Former Berlin Hub Director & Head of Organizing Education (2020–2024), European Alternatives (Berlin)

Georg Blokus, born in 1987 near the Polish Solidarnosc city of Gdansk, was the Director of European Alternatives’ Berlin Hub, which primarily runs the School of Transnational Organizing – a grassroots school for political activists, civil society organisations, labor organizers, political artists, migrant communities, and social movements seeking for skills and tools to build the next generation of movements and organisations.

He is a psychologist by training and has been working for several years as a transformative organizer, documentary theatermaker, movement educator, and political strategist with progressive pioneers and organisations. Because of his own family history, his focus is on organizing workers, migrants, and feminists on the frontlines to build solidarity and fight for their rights beyond borders.

Before joining European Alternatives in 2020, he worked as Artistic-Pedagogical Director of the Academy of the Arts of the World/Cologne from 2014 to 2016, and initiated the SCHOOL OF POLITICAL HOPE as a place for citizens, communities, and civil society actors seeking inspiration, empowerment, and support to overcome our shared feeling of political powerlessness and revive the lost art of organizing solidarity.

Gabriela Siegel
Grassroots Community Manager, European Alternatives (Berlin)

Gabriela was an intern at the Berlin Hub of European Alternatives, working on the School of Transnational Organizing‘s education and training programs for migrant workers, East German & Eastern European activists, as well as youth activists and campaigners from across Europe.

She has almost ten years of experience in direct legal services, community organising, and policy work with refugee and immigrant communities, both in Lebanon and the US. Gabriela worked in the US as a movement lawyer, representing low-income undocumented individuals, first in their immigration cases and later on employment and labour matters. She also worked on designing and implementing benefits and policies to support low-income immigrants in New York State. She is currently completing a master’s programme through the Global Labour University on Labour Policies and Globalisation.

Since April 2023, Gabriela has transitioned into her new role as Grassroots Community Manager building, holding, and caring for our community and network in Berlin and across Europe.