Workshop »Mass Mobilization & Inclusive Participation for All«

27.-29.10.2023, How to Revolution? – A Conference on Self-Organizing in the Uprising of Woman Life Freedom, Berlin

We are happy to announce that we will be holding a workshop on "Mass Mobilization & Inclusive Participation for All" at a conference of the woman* life freedom collective Berlin together with representatives of Deutsche Wohnen & Co. Enteignen and the Berlin Hospital Movement on October 28, 2023.

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1 Year of the Jina Revolution - How Do We Wish to Further Organize Ourselves?

One year has passed since the murder of Jina Amini and the uprising of people in Kurdistan, Iran, and the diaspora. During this time, numerous collectives, initiatives, and unions have organized themselves. Through general strikes, demonstrations, sit-ins, and daily practices of civil disobedience, people have resisted the system of oppression. A year later, we have reached a critical juncture where we need to reflect and ask ourselves: how do we wish to further organize?

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