Workshop »How to Create Change in Times of Democratic Crisis«

20.-21.10.2023, Creative Public Life, Budapest

We are happy to announce that we will be holding a workshop on "Community Organizing & Movement Building" at the Creative Public Life Conference organised by as part of the Space of Opportunity in Budapest on October 21, 2023.

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About the Creative Public Life Conference

Educating young people about human rights, democratic action and solidarity plays a crucial role in enabling them to form opinions about the events happening around them and to stand up against the growing extreme right-wing and authoritarian ideologies, as well as the political movements that emerge from these.

The use of artistic methods can play a crucial role in cultivating a culture of debate and critical thinking. In recent years, the importance of informal forms of learning, including participatory art strategies and activist art, has gained ground as a means to encourage political participation and action within communities. The transdisciplinary nature of art and its practice of thinking outside of the box, supporting experiential learning and critical thinking is providing young people with opportunities to not only explore their creativity but also to feel included and engaged.

The conference is organised by as part of its Space of Opportunity.

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